Times Like This EP

by Set Us On High

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All songs written by Set Us On High
Set Us On High is :
Matt Melendez (vocals/guitar)
Alex Rodriguez (bass)
Javier Rodriguez (drums)


released December 28, 2012

Produced and Mixed By Alex Sandoval
@Red Rocket Records
@The Slinksters



all rights reserved


Set Us On High El Paso, Texas

Vocals/Guitar- Matt Melendez
Guitar- Diego Barron
Bass- Santiago Barron
Drums- Javier Rodriguez

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Track Name: You Do, I Don't
I took her hand before I said goodbye (and I) told that my friends come first and it'll always be that way
And so we headed to a party (where we all) got fucked up until the cops showed (cops showed up) how the fuck did we get home? how did I end up on the floor?

All I need (to take the pain away) are my best friends so don't flatter yourself and think that ill be nothing without you and honestly are you that self centered? 'cause I've had a better friend in them then I've ever had in you.

I took her hand before I said goodbye (and I) told if she really loved she should just forget me.
So we bought a couple of bottles (Never again) and by the time that they were done I forgot what it was you did that pissed me off and led me to this.

And the plans that I made for today are set and done with intentions to take me away
If I pass out again and wake up on the bathroom floor ill be OK, Ill be fine. I'll be with people who actually gave a shit about me so
Track Name: When You Miss Me (Press Play)
I love the way you pretend like this doesn't mean a thing and I'm
one to never keep it in but some things are better left unsaid.
and i know that your not one to handle anything that you never wanna hear. I'm sorry that I'm not sorry for anything she said

Wait, Wait, I know its not the same.
but with every word you say, you dig yourself deeper and deeper
and all this is, is just another thing to hold onto, to put the blame on me

Let me know when your done 'cause you know that i can care less.
and i recall a time when you were "too cool" to be seen with me
and when you realized that everything you had, is what you want
it'll be too late, it'll be too late like the times you came home

these are the things that i had to go through
these are the friends that i had to go to
keep that in mind when you say you miss me,
oh how i love the fact when I'm around, your miserable

this is what you wanted
this is what i needed

just move on love, its that easy
Track Name: Wake Up Call
I'm sure its hard to explain especially when there's photographs to express all the things that I never had to say
But God, I only wish I didn't have to see them
and I'm sure that your thinking of any little way or something to say like I never really knew how much u meant to me
Like a bird flew way to close to the sun I am burned from everything that I've done to get over (over) you and I'm still trying. I'm trying but I will eventually

I know its hard when its not the same and I know that its hard when your all to blame but your lying and going nowhere
everything's better when it still has meaning and "sorry"s never work when you know and feel that they're lying to try and get us to stay

You grew tired and bored of something that you said you couldn't live without and it sad to see this end up with multiple infidelities and I can't believe that I believed in every word you said I was your everything. Was "everything" not good enough?
Like a bird flew way to close to the sun I am burned from everything that I've done to get over (over) you and I'm still trying. I'm trying but I will eventually

It's not my fault. You should've know better than to leave your phone unattended and did you really think I wasn't gonna go through all your messages? This is a lesson learned and this is a wake up call
so lets see which "babe" you miss the most, lets see which one your
gonna miss, the most, well, i bet its gonna be me
but lets see if still care at all

im not letting you get to me anymore and
im not letting you down cuz I'm so jaded
Track Name: Over In Penalties
Do you remember everything?
or would you like me to remind you that i don't really care
and i don't wanna hear about what you would have done differently
or what you wish you could've changed about yourself
hopefully, it kills you like it killed me
hopefully, you get that

This is the way it is
This is the way we are
tell me, are you over it?
This is what I've become from everything that you have done
so tell me, are you over everything?
tell me, are you over me?

Do you remember that night you called just to tell me you were sorry and you missed me? you said it a thousand times and all i did was crush you by saying absolutely nothing and
hopefully, it kills you like it killed me
hopefully, you get that

we adapt and learn again with our hearts more enclosed
so well never, so well never talk about this anymore at least for now
believe me, I'll destroy whatever is left in me
and you'll have left, will be just a memory
so fuck it I'm done, and am a memory

and well forget like nothing ever happened, like nothing ever happened, like nothing
and well pretend like were still friends, like were still talking and my heart still feels whole
(like nothing matters to us)
Track Name: Works Both Ways
Lets pretend like I know where you've been
And lets pretend like I know where we stand (wish we were still together)
I wonder if you still know I exist but knowing all the time you've missed,
You probably don't

At times like this when all that I want is to go to sleep knowing that your home alone and not someone else's bed. Where do you lay your head?

You a left a mark. You left a scar.
And you let a beautiful thing fall apart
With everything left to decay
A phone call that never came
Im still a wreck

Take down our pictures from your mirror when you know Its over
Take down the pictures from your mirror

Its something simple like calling every now and then, like calling every now and then.
And I just wish that you would, its the last time you'll ever see me
Is that your boyfriend? Is that what you call better?
I hate the scent of your hair on everything that i wear
your gonna tell I'm not the same and its my fault you gave up on me?

i just wish that you would cause the summer is over and its the last time that you'll ever see me
Track Name: Define Apology
Let's get this straight, I know what you said and it was your intention to bring me down for things that I hate to mention. I never seem to get it through my head. This isn't easy I just wish that you never said

We won't be the sane and don't try to explain because I know what really happened, your only sorry that your red handed. (This isn't easy 'cause you know I'm sentimental)

Let's get this straight it's all in my head is just hard to forget when it feels like forever and I'm still not better. I never seemed to care the way you did. I know I meant something but clearly I never did anything right. You were there all the times when I fucked up and gave up and everything and everyone. You we always there and it just sucks cuz

I'm so sick of always thinking every girl looks just like you.
Why do I not feel any better?
Don't keep me updated I'm missing you and I hate it.
She said its all in my head but its impossible to get a hold of myself now that its over and I'm sick of thinking every girl looks like you